The AgPod

Our new addition

Whether you are looking to lease or buy additional building space for your site, we can help you. The AgPod is a fully built portable shed, It can provide extra space for storage at home or at work.

All our portable sheds are made of long lasting ColorSteel iron. The AgPod is a more affordable option if you have a limited budget, they are fully re-locatable and are able to be returned to us or can be resold when you no longer require it.

AgPods manufactured by AgBuild! 

- Dimensions: 6.0m x 3.0m = 18.0sqm 

- 3 options: Zinc Iron, ColorSteel and ColorSteel with  overhang.  

- Colour options available. 

- All have roller door 

- Delivery is all in-house 

- First 10 sold/leased will qualify for free delivery 

- Contact us for pricing 

- Pricing starting from $13,000 incl GST. Lease from $85 +  GST pw. Minimum lease term applies.