Stables and horse sheds

Whether you need stables or horse sheds, tie up stalls, open or fully enclosed stables, tack rooms or a specifically design stable complex AgBuild will ensure you get the best solution to suit your requirements, on time and on budget.

Our equine range of sheds are designed to give you the strongest, most reliable building.

We design and build our products to suit your individual needs and we guarantee our products.

AgBuild has a strong reputation for versatile design solutions, honest and reliable service and the ability to deliver a high quality product while maintaining excellent value for money and functionality.

AgBuild stables and horse sheds are :

  • durable and hardworking
  • rust-free structure
  • warm and safe environment
  • completely customisable
  • bird proof

AgBuild’s proven processes, reputable service and expertise ensure you get a hassle free, cost effective build.

Recently Completed Stables

Site view can be arranged on request

  • Riding for Disabled Hamilton
  • Landsdowne Park Stables
  • Kings Clere Stables
  • MacKay Racing, Matamata
  • Smith Equestrian, Cambridge
  • Forsters Equestiran, Cambridge
  • Dolley Equestrian, Cambridge
  • Hodgson Field Shelters, Cambridge
  • Stone Equestrian, Te Kowhai
  • Mara Grange, Cambridge
  • Monacurragh Lodge Cambridge

Time lapse of Stable Build at Monarch Farm Cambridge NZ