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The AgPod, expertly crafted by AgBuild, stands as a versatile, portable storage solution. Constructed using 150mm x 50mm treated markers for the frame, it is entirely wrapped to greatly reduce the chance of condensation forming inside. Our range includes three unique AgPod designs to suit various needs: The Storage, for keeping goods safe; The Cabin, a cosy space for relaxation; and The Hybrid, which combines features of both for mixed use.

Each AgPod structure measures 2.6m tall at the front, sloping down to 2.2m at the rear, extends 3m in width and reaches 6m in depth, offering ample space. Quality is a priority, with each AgPod being equipped with durable ColorSteel iron and premium joinery - and you're free to pick your preferred hue from the standard ColorSteel selection.

Moreover, we're pleased to offer complimentary delivery to all our customers in the Waikato region, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience from start to finish.


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