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About Us

To us, it's always more than just a shed. Every structure we craft, from sheds to stables, is designed to simplify your life and meet your unique needs.

Choosing to specialise in farm, equine, and lifestyle buildings was a natural choice for us. Raised in the beautiful New Zealand countryside, we deeply understand the farming sector's needs and challenges. Our passion is helping those in New Zealand's great outdoors, like farmers and horse trainers, improve their businesses and land management. At AgBuild, we're a close-knit team similar to a family business, committed to high-quality work. We aim to make building projects easy and smooth for our customers, with a personalised service to meet your specific requirements.

Our Team

"Witnessing a project evolve from a mere idea to its full realisation is truly fulfilling. Along this journey, engaging with some amazing individuals has been equally rewarding." - Geoff

After school, Geoff dove into building, learning his craft in the UK and USA before returning to New Zealand. In 2011, he and his mate Matt started AgBuild. Their commitment has made the company thrive. Geoff's keen eye for detail ensures every project, from planning to execution, runs smoothly. He excels at keeping everyone on the same page, guaranteeing success. Geoff's focus on detail and seamless project management sets every construction up for success.

"The AgBuild team excels in managing projects, ensuring we always get a clear plan. The highlight of my work is witnessing the final creation."

Carl, our Construction Manager, grew up on a peaceful farm and spent nine years dairy farming before moving to manage Maintenance and Services at Mighty River Domain. These experiences gave him excellent project management skills, which he now uses to ensure all AgBuild's projects meet top standards. In his free time, Carl loves diving and spending quality time with family, adding to his life's rich experiences.

Justin 'Waka' Somerville is our gifted foreman, and he's a fully qualified builder who brings a vast wealth of expertise to our crew. He's enthusiastic about the AgBuild scene because he enjoys the opportunity to work in the open air, team up with good mates, and observe the steady progress of each build from start to finish. When he's not on the job site, Waka spends his time watching rugby, learning how to coach the sport, and values quality moments with his family and friends.

Kimmy - our unmatched expert in customer care, administrative duties, and office management, truly is the glue keeping our daily operations seamless. As a hardworking mum juggling the responsibilities of two lively children, Kimmy frequently spends her time outside of work engaged in various sports and activities with them around our community. Her dedication shines bright as she says, ‘It brings me great joy to assist Geoff & Carl in ensuring everything we do not only meets but exceeds our clients' expectations, from the start of the process right through to the final outcome.’ Kimmy's role is pivotal in making sure that the overall experience and the end results for our clients are nothing short of excellent.


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