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Horse Stables

Discover durable, top-quality stables and horse sheds designed for your peace of mind.

Whether you're in the market for commercial-grade equestrian facilities or just a modest shelter for the family pony, we stand ready to tailor our designs and constructions to match both your desires and your budget precisely. Our expertise ensures that no matter the scope of your project, we will deliver a structure that is not only strong and enduring but also completely safe, free from rust, and operational to the fullest extent.

Our designs incorporate critical features such as exceptional ventilation, ample natural lighting, secure gates, practical storage solutions, and efficient bird-proofing measures. An additional layer of service we provide involves meticulously evaluating the proposed site to ensure it benefits from effective drainage and has reliable access to essential utilities like electricity and water, all before we start drafting the plans. This comprehensive approach guarantees that your equestrian construction project is handled with the utmost attention to detail and tailored to meet every one of your requirements.

Waikato's go-to for trusted horse stable crafting

We take great pride in having supplied top-quality equine buildings to a wide range of satisfied customers throughout the Waikato. It would be our pleasure to arrange a personal visit to your site upon your request.

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Completed Stables

  • Prima Park, Matamata

  • Monarch Farm, Cambridge

  •  Riding for Disabled, Hamilton

  •  Landsdowne Park Stables, Ohaupo 

  •  Kingsclere Stables, Cambridge

  • Brooks Racing, Cambridge

  • Little Valley Farm, Kinloch

  • Wilkinson Animal Health Services Ltd

  • Sage Stables, Ohaupo

  • Forsters Equestiran, Cambridge

  •  Dolley Equestrian, Cambridge

  • Mara Grange, Cambridge

  •  MacKay Racing, Matamata

  • Monacurragh Lodge, Cambridge

  •  Smith Equestrian, Cambridge

  • Hodgson Field Shelters, Cambridge 

  • Stone Equestrian, Te Kowhai


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