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Complete Care Promise

Comprehensive care for your building project, from the very start to the complete finish, is our guarantee.

Our business model is solely focused on prioritising our customers, aiming to make the process of building as enjoyable as possible from the very start to the finish. With our Complete Care Promise, we're committed to consistently providing top-notch service to each client at every stage of their journey with us, ensuring satisfaction every single time.

Caring Concept

At AgBuild, we're keen to get to know you better so we can craft the perfect building just for you. As a local Cambridge, New Zealand company, chatting directly with us, the owners, helps us understand your needs. This way, we make sure your new structure fits well with your property and any existing buildings. Since starting in 2014, we've come up with several smart design features we're excited to share with you, aiming to make your building not only useful but also great-looking.

Designing with care

At AgBuild, we have finely tuned our planning processes to guarantee that every detail is considered prior to the start of construction. Skillful project management enables us to work effectively and economically, aiming to make the construction journey as swift and straightforward as possible for our clients.

Ensuring lawful care

With AgBuild, there's no need for you to stress over completing and submitting the necessary paperwork to your local Council. We take care of preparing and filing the building consent application for you, and we do this without charging any additional fees. Furthermore, we pledge that your finished building will meet all the required standards and regulations, ensuring full compliance. This way, you can be confident that every detail is managed professionally.

Skilled craftsmanship

We are expert builders approved to create versatile farm buildings that match your high standards. Our skilled team takes on every project without outsourcing, delivering top quality while keeping prices fair. From kits to custom designs, our commitment to excellent craftsmanship ensures every project, big or small, receives the same careful attention – just as if it were our own home. This approach means every building gets our full dedication and the highest standard of work.

Affordable quality

After discussing your needs and checking the site, we'll make you a detailed cost plan. Thanks to our trusted suppliers and our approach to not use outside workers, we keep prices low. We promise clear pricing, so you're fully aware of costs. Our aim is to deliver top value, ensuring your budget is wisely used.

Talking Together

We’ll give you a project timeline, let you know in advance when we need you to make any decisions and keep you fully informed of progress. Once your building is completed and keys have been handed over, we’ll keep in touch to make sure it’s making you happy.

We’re hugely proud of our high rate of repeat business, which we believe speaks volumes about how satisfied clients are with our work.

We’d love to show you the Complete Care difference

Let us talk you through how easy it can be to create a quality farm building that will perfectly suit your needs.


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