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Rural Sheds

To safeguard your livestock and secure your livelihood, we've got everything under control.

Earning the trust of some of the most well-respected dairy farms in Waikato has taught us the vital importance of maintaining the health of your livestock for an efficient and profitable farming operation. Ensuring that newborn farm animals have access to a dry, airy, and draft-free shelter is key for their health, growth, and ability to thrive in the future. This essential care lays the groundwork for robust livestock contributing significantly to the success of your farming business.

Discover durable pole sheds made for high wind, tailored to your needs.

Our rural sheds are expertly crafted to shield against weather conditions and are simple to clean, saving you valuable time whilst upholding high hygiene standards. Explore the variety of uses, including hay or machinery storage, in addition to options like gates, fencing, and solutions to keep birds out.

Payment Plans Available

Honoured to have built sheds for top Waikato dairy farms. Tours of our work available on request.

  • Fonterra, Bruntwood Road Farm
  • Fonterra, Waitoa Farm
  • Fonterra, Te Rapa Farm
  • Tatua Dairy Farm, Tatua
  • St Peter’s Owl Farm, Cambridge
  • Puketaha Farming Enterprises, Orini
  • Sirref farms: Otorohanga, Waitomo and Te Awamutu Farms
  • Balme Waitomo Farms
  • Koromiko Farms, Te Kuiti

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